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Ericsson Widget Awards 2011

January 28, 2011 1 comment

Ericsson Widget Awards is a global competition to inspire both aspiring programmers and hardcore coders to come up with fun, useful and engaging widgets for mobile devices. Show off your creativity and compete for a total prize pool of 30,000 EURO and a trip to Sweden for the prize ceremony in April.

You only need basic skills in HTML, Java and CSS to let your creativity loose and make a fun, useful, useless or just nutty widget. If you manage to charm the jury, you just might be the one to win!

The total prize sum is 30,000 EURO! See the rules of the competition at Please submit your contributions before the submission deadline March 1 2011. Start making your widget and register to the competition today

  1. Register to the competition
  2. Define your idea for a widget. What is a widget?
  3. Develop the widget. Read Opera Mobile Widgets development process on how to get started.
  4. Test your Widget on Opera Widgets Mobile Emulator.
  5. Submit your widget here

The advantages to the developers/companies other than the prize money will include:

  1. Visibility and promotion
  2. Possibility to distribute apps in selected markets  on commercial basis – e.g. revenue share
  3. Insight into new technologies and trends


You can find sample code, libraries and full documentation on Opera Widgets from Opera Widgets SDK. For more information visit the competition’s website or find them on Facebook.

An interview with the guru behind the Flemil Java Library

March 5, 2010 5 comments

A couple weeks back Solomon Kariri, a JKUAT alumni, released Flemil. Flemil is a Java Mobile Programming User Interface Library that makes it easy for Java Mobile App makers to create apps that are easy on the eye. We caught up with him this week to talk more about this new project.

Discover JKUAT: Tell us a bit about yourself.

Solomon: My name is Solomon Kariri. I graduated from JKUAT in the year 2009 with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science.

Discover JKUAT: When did you develop an interest in Java? Where did the passion come from?

Solomon: I started an interest in Java when I was second year student in JKUAT. The main motivation came from my Java lecturer Mr. George Okeyo who I would say has transformed the lives of many young Kenyans in the Information Technology world. I also like exploring new and interesting fields in technology and Java was most definitely one of them. Also the encouragement I received from my classmates gave me strength to move on and believe in myself and my abilities.

Discover JKUAT: Tell us a bit about your experience in the software development industry in Kenya?

Solomon: There are good software developers in Kenya but the main challenge they face is lack of exposure which to some extent can be termed as self induced. I think developers should always strive to be the best not in Kenya or Africa but in the whole world. With the fibre optic here and with reducing internet costs with higher speeds, I believe we can transform Kenya into the next icon in the world in software development and outsourcing. This will help a great deal in job creation. The government should also involve local software development firms in the provision of software solutions to government offices. I believe that we have all the skills necessary to achieve this locally.

Discover JKUAT: What is Flemil?

Solomon: Flemil is a  Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) library for creation of user interfaces that are appealing to the user. Many users are familiar with applications such as E-Buddy, Trutap, Mig33, Nimbuzz and many more which have good looking user interfaces. To develop an application that is likable by a user, you need to make it appealing to the user and easy to use. Flemil achieves this while making sure that it uses minimal resources on your device. This makes it usable in all ranges of Java enabled devices. Java enabled phones are on the increase everywhere in the world and are quite affordable. Read more…

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