Update on Endeavour

We have been quiet for a while, but a lot has been happening. The Web Application Development (June 2010) to second year students started a week ago with a class size of 29. There are 10 students from BSc. Computer Science, 9 students from BSc. Computer Technology  and 10 from BSc. Information Technology class. All the students are in their second year of study.  The students attending the training are really enthused and ready to learn, amazingly skipping world cup matches to attend the training :). We have some guest students from Mt. Kenya University and MSc. Software Engineering who are participating in the ongoing training.

Students attending a training session

There are two courses being conducted by three Endeavour graduates (Abel Masai, Kennedy Kirui and Edward Omondi).

  • Mobile application development course (conducted on Mondays and Thursdays). The class comprises of BSc. Computer Technology students in their third year of study.
  • Web application development course (conducted on Saturdays).The class size is 18 students from the BSc. Information Technology and one student from Bachelor of Architecture.

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