JKUAT Endeavor Programme

In August 2009, 3 JKUAT Alumni developed the JKUAT Endeavor Programme to act as a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and skills in our Kenyan Universities. One of our main goals is to ensure that the students have the required skills to blend into the industry to promote development in Africa. Through Industry partnerships we will offer courses on ICTs with an emphasis on independent research, problem solving, and entrepreneurship. The idea was inspired by the MIT AITI that has been running in Kenya since 1999.

For the start, we have organized a course in Mobile Application Development Course in Java scheduled to take off on September 15th 2009. The course will be an extension of the MIT AITI Mobile Application Development Course. AITI has granted us permission to access and use their curriculum in the course.

Create a platform for sharing knowledge, experiences and skills: JKUAT Endeavor will create a platform where students can gain and share skills through organizing trainings in selected areas. The JKUAT/MIT AITI-x is our pioneer program to help us achieve this goal.

Develop and Improve Curriculum: In partnerships with other initiatives like AITI, we will offer trainings  in various technologies targeting the African Market.

Outcomes Assessmen
t: We propose to use our Internet portal to gather qualitative and quantitative data on our effectiveness. We will create evaluation surveys; the results of the survey will be availed to  our sponsors. We will post the training updates on the Discover JKUAT blog. Brief descriptions of the student projects will be published online. Results of the students competition will also be made  available.

Facilitate Entrepreneurship: We will focus on promoting entrepreneurship and business creation. At the end of the training, there will  be a competition and the projects will be judged based on the sustainability of the business idea, creativity and a working demo. There will be guest lectures on entrepreneurship, Innovation as a process, Business innovation, Evaluating ideas, Marketing and production.


  1. Kudos to the initiators of JKUAT endeavor. It is already living to its dreams coz for those of us in the mobile training program, we are tremendously learning new great and exciting capability of java technology. For whoever will dare to dream and work hard to realize his/her dreams, then surely the future belongs to them.

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